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Merseyside Domestic Violence Services is a Voluntary run organisation based in Liverpool. We work with families affected by Domestic violence. Offering support, advice and educational programs aimed at breaking the cycle of abuse and aiding the recovery process.

We're a grassroots charity, serving the most vulnerable families in Liverpool over the past two decades. Set up to safeguard women, children and young people through education, empowerment and prevention by tackling the root cause of the problem – we inform and innovate change.

To create a unified service of support for families affected by domestic violence and abuse.

The Facts

Domestic abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, financial or sexual

Most children who live with domestic abuse are aware of it and are affected by it in different ways

The ethnicity of the perpetrator or victim makes no difference to levels of domestic abuse

Forced or non-consensual sex within a marriage is rape, the same as forced or non-consensual sex outside a marriage

Perpetrators of domestic abuse always have a choice about whether to use abuse, threats or other controlling behaviour in any situation

Some children from abusive homes do grow up to be abusive themselves. However, lots of children from abusive homes grow up without becoming abusive too

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Working with Male Abusers

Merseyside Domestic Violence Services is targeting men in a bid to break the pattern of domestic abuse. It says despite 15 years of helping women the instances

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MDVS runs a series of 26-week programmes providing mentoring, group and one-to-one support