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We provide services for MEN, WOMEN and FAMILIES, including support and help for Domestic Abuse, Stalking and also for Children & Young People

Merseyside Domestic Violence Services (MDVS) formally known as Chrysalis is a registered charity working with women, men, children, young people and families whose lives have been affected in some way by the issues related to domestic violence and cultural/honour based crime.

Since becoming established in 2003 we have developed a multi-agency approach that enables us to deal successfully with many cultural and societal issues, barriers, and stigma associated with domestic violence.

Our centre is based within Liverpool’s China Town which is surrounded by diverse BME (Black Minority Ethnic) communities. We also have a base at Lister Steps, which is just off Green Lane near Newsham Park in Liverpool.

We have a dedicated team of experienced people who love their work here at the charity, in addition we are fortunate enough to have a team of dedicated volunteers from across a wide section of our communities including our local BME groups who are able to translate many languages and reach women from within many of the groups. Women who access our centres and services are from the surrounding areas across Liverpool and beyond and also our Arabic-Yemeni – Somalia and Chinese communities. We are also supporting an increasing number of women from Eastern European countries who are fleeing from cultural based domestic/sexual violence.

Our volunteers are trusted members of their communities and have the ability to reach many vulnerable women, girls and families, in addition to this our reputable services are spreading via by word of mouth and growing numbers of women and girls are coming forward for help and support.

We provide a weekly drop-in advocacy service and surgeries which are attended by various solicitors and housing floating support teams who provide free legal advice and housing and generic support.

Additionally we accompany women to solicitors, court, child protection conferences, welfare rights, C.A.B, (Citizens Advice Bureau) housing and other agencies.

In addition to these services we also offer educational based programme for male perpetrators. These are mainly held in a group setting and also provide support for the whole family whilst the man works through personal issues with our experienced front line workers and counselors. You can learn more about this unique programme by heading over to the MASC information section.

We also provide a range of learning programs, a designated domestic violence awareness program –a sexual health program and other leisure activities and outings for the women, children and young people to encourage participation, inclusion, and integration.

We also run a range of educational and leisure programs.

We’re busy offering all we can using evidenced based approaches, experience, hard work and patience. We are always here!

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