‘Your new service looks brilliant and will probably grow into a really big charity and do immense good’      

Gary Hayden

‘Awesome job, So, so pleased for you. You deserve this funding and fact Police /govt are acknowledging the amazing positive work you’ve been doing for the past 20yrs shows what a truly professional hard working goal achieving charity you are. You should receive HONOURS for all your never ending commitment to each aspect/person domestic abuse impacts upon’

‘Well done for all the hard work amazing work you have been supporting families’.

A day in the life of a student Social Worker at MDVS

Why do you want to become a social worker?

There have been a few amazing people in my life who made a difference when it mattered, so I understand that difference that one person can make. This is what drives me, and I aim to be that difference every day where I can. I have a passion for social work and human services.

What is a day like on placement at MDVS?

A day on placement with MDVS can bring different rewards and challenges. I have worked mainly with the women’s safety workers who are amazing. It is rewarding to observe the progress of many of the women MDVS support. Working on the women’s program gives a greater understanding of what the women who are supported by the service have experienced in domestic violence situations and how they use the strength of the group and facilitator to empower each other. The check in and chat service gave me a chance to build trusting relationships with some of the women by giving emotional or practical support and to support their safety. It has been difficult during the pandemic as most support is online or by telephone but that has seemed better for some of the women being supported and means more women can be supported.

If someone else was looking for a placement, why should they choose MDVS?

I have worked in social care all my adult life but had no experience in supporting people experiencing domestic violence. I got so much more from being on placement with MDVS than I expected. The organisation embraces individuality and creativity. MDVS has a whole family support ethos, and you can collaborate with a variety of other professionals. They welcome constructive criticism if you identify any area’s they could improve on as a service and encourage you to contribute to those improvements, it is a progressive grassroots service. The team values everyone’s contribution to reducing harm and will value your input and recognise your skills. I have found all the staff to be helpful when I have asked for support. The time goes so fast and you will feel that you need more time as there are so many opportunities to learn and grow as a student to take with you for your future career.

Name 3 things you have learnt at MDVS?

  1. MDVS is compassionate about keeping families together and helping the whole family understand domestic violence so they can work through those issues with support and guidance.
  2. The team have a unique set of skills individually that work together to make it great and are achieving great things.
  3. Every single person can make a difference!

If you could choose 4 people to invite for dinner who would they be and why?

My Mum – She is no longer with us and I would like to ask her all the things I never got the chance too and spend some time with her again.

Robbie Williams – He is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea. He is funny, who doesn’t love to laugh? I love his honesty about himself during interviews.

Billy Connolly – I just love his organic humour about life and his way of storytelling. He keeps things real!

My Granddaughter – She lights up my world, she may be a bit young for the jokes so if not her then it would have to be James Corden so we could do a carpool karaoke after dinner, how good would that be!

Tell us something about yourself that you think people would be surprised at?

I have run Tough Mudder three times and before I started training for the first event I could not even run from one lamppost to the next. Anything is possible! Oh! and I am 50 this year, not everyone believes me 😊

Thank you MDVS for the many opportunities you have given me and the shared learning in the middle of a pandemic in a frontline service. Don’t change, you are amazing x

Joe  – Communications and Marketing Officer  (previous employee)

I have recently worked for Merseyside Domestic Violence Service running their social media services.This is a great charity as they are fighting for change in the local community. The whole team who work there are a bunch of great people who let volunteers etc to be creative and let them help in anyway they can. I would recommend everyone to check them out and see if you can get involved in any future events

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