Our Mission, Vision and Values

MDVS (Merseyside Domestic Violence Service) is a grassroots charity serving the most vulnerable families in Merseyside for over two decades. We have bases across Liverpool and also in St Helens.

Set up to safeguard women, children and young people through education, empowerment and prevention by tackling the root cause of the problem we inform and innovate change. We also help with after support and work, we help innovate and evolve anyone that comes to us.

Our MASC (Males Actively Seeking Change) programme is a unique service for non-convicted male perpetrators providing them with an opportunity to change patterns of abusive behaviour. This integrated approach enables us to work effectively Incorporating MASC with our Women’s Safety Service with the overall aim of keeping women and children safe.

Our mission is to tackle domestic abuse through education and by supporting those affected to improve their lives.

Our vision is to work collaboratively to end domestic abuse, change attitudes and drive forward national policy.

Our values are:
We support the people who come to us, those we work with, and the wider
community, and treat people non-judgmentally, in an encouraging, caring way.
We are committed to being inclusive, with services for whole families, the hard to reach, and people from all communities. We include the people we support and work when changing and developing our services to meet their needs.
We strive to empower those affected by domestic abuse through the consistent support we deliver, and to empower the wider community by raising awareness of domestic abuse and its effects, and challenging common misconceptions.
We continually innovate, evolving new ways to provide services that meet the needs
of the diverse people we support, and bringing experience and professionalism to all
we do.

“Success is a shared value and together we can make a difference”

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