Coping during lockdown

Coping during lockdown

Coping during lockdown is a difficult time for anyone, however, it is especially difficult for those who are dealing with domestic abuse. It has been shown that domestic abuse calls have doubled during this time. As well as contacting us on 07802 722703 or emailing us at Here are some other things you can do:

UK Safe Spaces

If you or somebody you know is needing a safe space to collect your thoughts and for coping during lockdown; call a helpline or seek advice and support from specialist domestic abuse services like ourselves. There are multiple pharmacies who are participating in the ‘UK Says No More’ scheme and offering their consultation rooms as a safe space for victims of domestic violence and abuse. These include: Superdrug, Boots and Morrisons as well as many more independent pharmacies. This scheme is in response to the desperate situation facing many victims who are isolating with perpetrators during lockdown.

Call 999

If you are in danger and unable to talk on the phone, dial 999, listen to the questions from the operator and respond by coughing or tapping the handset if you can. Then follow the instructions depending on whether you are calling from a mobile or a landline.

Silent Solution System – MOBILE PHONES ONLY

Try to keep a mobile phone on you at all times. If you can’t speak after calling 999, use the Silent Solution system. Press 55 on your phone and the police will know it is an emergency.

Other Helplines

Refuge runs the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, which you can call for free, and in confidence, 24 hours a day on 0808 200 0247. It also has a form through which you can book a safe time for a call from the team.

Our blog on MDVS Current Operation also gives phone numbers for the National Stalking helpline and more information on how we are running at the moment.

Parent Pack

To connect with your families and keep children busy during this time, try to come up with activities to keep going. West Sussex Connect service have provided a PARENT PACK which you can download.

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